Business Cooperation


Global Business Development Team

For all kinds of business cooperation inquiries related to game publishing including but not limited to distribution platforms, payment gateways and service providers, live streaming platforms, merchandise production and distribution services, marketing agencies for online and offline campaigns, e-sport related services and partners, co-branding cooperation with chain catering, FMCG, TV and movie production and NGO etc, please contact Global Business Development Team.

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Global User Acquisition Team

Any cooperation opportunities related to User Acquisition for all our games, including but not limited to paid media marketing, owned media marketing, app store optimization, mobile measurement partner, ad creative production are much welcomed. Please contact Global User Acquisition Team for more details.

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Global Influencer Marketing Team

Global Influencer Marketing Team is the official contact window for NetEase Games global KOL business. The team is responsible for establishing and maintaining business cooperation with global MCN, handling the commercial promotion and execution of cooperation with KOLs and maintaining close contact with content channels, including but not limited to mainstream video and live streaming platforms: YouTube, Twitch, TikToK and Facebook.

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Localization Team

The NetEase Localization Team was established in 2017 and is included under the Marketing and Distribution Channel Center umbrella, with offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tokyo, Canada, and the United States. Our responsibilities include product localization, project management, voiceovers, community management, and quality assurance.

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Global Creative Pioneer Team

We are a brand content creative team driven by originality, innovation, and passion. Global creativity and local insight are important creative elements for us. We focus on the creation and breakthrough of the game brand, creativity, content, community, and technology, aiming to build a bridge between the game and players’ minds with an exploration spirit and emotional experience.

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